Hatfield Foodbank

Working with local churches to care for our community


The average price of renting a two-bed flat in our town is £1075



The Foodbank opened its doors in autumn 2017



In 2019/20 alone, we worked with over 50 local agencies and fed nearly 3,300 adults & children in our community.


Hatfield Foodbank


Hatfield foodbank was set up in partnership between three local churches in Hatfield, Gracemead Church, King’s Community Church & Kingdom Light Centre and is run day to day from the Gracemead building by church members & community volunteers helping to make a real impact on our local community. We are a registered, independent charity (registered number 1174288).

As with all food banks, we work with a variety of front line referral agencies locally to issue food vouchers to those in need of emergency food in times of crisis. The foodbank and referral agency use the voucher to gather some basic information. This will help them to identify the cause of the crisis, offer practical guidance and prepare suitable emergency food. Once you have been issued with a voucher, you can exchange this for a minimum of three days’ emergency food at your nearest foodbank centre.

Running the foodbank is quite a sizeable task and we rely on our church members & community volunteers to ensure that we can provide the best level care to the local community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer & helping at the Hatfield foodbank, you can find more details on the Trussell Trust website here.


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