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Travelling To Gracemead Church


Walking and Cycling

Gracemead House is in the centre of Hatfield and very easily accessible on foot or bike. Please consider walking or cycling when you come, it’s good for you, the environment, and our neighbours.

We have a modern cycle rack for those arriving by bike. Please ask for details when you arrive.

​Bus and Train

Due to our central location, a large number of buses stop immediately outside the church. These serve Hatfield, Hatfield train station, and the surrounding towns. Plan your journey with one of the route planners linked below:​

Alternatively, you can call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33

Information on train services is available from National Rail here.



There is limited parking available on site for less physically able people coming to Gracemead House. If you require one of these spaces please use the following postcode for your satnav: AL10 8EW. Please consider walking, cycling or using public transport if you possibly can, although we understand this may not be possible.

​For all other drivers, we recommend using the town-centre car parks. The most convenient one is on Link Drive which is close, free, and reachable without crossing roads.


​Green Travel Plan

We are committed to encouraging everyone travelling to Gracemead House to use environmentally friendly modes of transport, to promote good physical health and play our part in improving the local environment for the benefit of all. As part of this commitment we maintain a “Green Travel Plan” which is linked below: Green Travel Plan

​The appendices to the Green Travel Plan have details of: footpaths, cycleways, bus stops, and public carparks. This is also linked below: Green Travel Plan Appendices

We meet at Gracemead House (the former tax office) which is located in the centre of Hatfield, opposite ASDA and Hatfield Library – on the other side of the dual carriageway (“Queensway”) that runs through the middle of the town.

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